Experimental Particle Physics Seminar: Exotic Higgs decays & AI triggers at the LHC

Tae Min Hong (CERN)
- | David Rittenhouse Laboratory, 3W2
An image of Tae Min

Data at the LHC allows us to probe whether the Higgs boson communicates with unknown and/or undiscovered sectors beyond the Standard Model. I will discuss ATLAS results on the searches for Higgs decays to dark matter candidates [2202.07953, 2109.00925] as well as MC studies of exotic Higgs decays to pseudoscalars in the 4b [2306.01901] and 2γ2b final states. I will also describe the technical challenges of triggering on such events using missing energy and/or jets, including novel approaches to ML in real-time FPGA-based trigger systems [2104.03408, 2207.05602], including unsupervised AI via anomaly detection using decision-tree-based autoencoders [2304.03836].