Condensed and Living Matter Seminar: "Photo-induced Phase Transitions in Charge Density Waves"

Nuh Gedik (MIT)
- See Zoom link below

Upon excitation with an intense laser pulse, materials can undergo a non-equilibrium phase transition through pathways different from those in thermal equilibrium. The mechanism underlying these…

Physics and Astronomy Colloquium: "Lucy - the First to the Trojans"

Harold F. Levison (Southwest Research Institute)
- See Zoom link below

I will discuss NASA's Lucy mission.  Lucy, selected as part of NASA's Discovery Program, is the first reconnaissance of the Jupiter Trojans, objects that hold vital clues to…

Rittenhouse Lecture: "Galaxy evolution and cosmology via the 21 cm line of atomic hydrogen"

Martha Haynes (Cornell University)
- See Zoom link below

The 21 cm line of atomic hydrogen (HI) provides a powerful probe of the cool-to-warm interstellar gas in galaxies. Virtually all star-forming galaxies contain a cool neutral component…

HET Seminar: Miguel Montero (Harvard)


Condensed and Living Matter Seminar: "Physical Computation in Insect Swarms"

Orit Peleg, University of Colorado
- See Zoom link below

Our world is full of living creatures that must share information to survive and reproduce. As humans, we easily forget how hard it is to communicate within natural environments. So how do organisms solve…

HET Seminar: Fei Yan (Rutgers)


HET Seminar: Evangelos Sfakianakis (MIT)