Astrophysics Seminar: Synergies Between Imaging and Spectroscopic Surveys for Cosmology

- | David Rittenhouse Laboratory, 4E19
An image of Justin Myles

Current and forthcoming sky surveys promise to deliver
datasets orders of magnitude better in quality and size than their
predecessors, but our ability to take advantage of these datasets is
predictably limited by known measurement challenges. I will discuss the
challenges facing the use of imaging galaxy surveys for cosmology and
how spectroscopic data can be used to mitigate these problems for the
next decade. I will emphasize the problems of photometric redshift
estimation and its impact on dark energy studies, intrinsic alignment
estimation and its impact on weak lensing measurements, and challenges
in galaxy cluster detection and characterization. In addition to these
issues already critical to current analyses, I will outline problems
expected to become more acute in future surveys such as image source
blending. In summary, this talk will both explore the breadth of known
obstacles to testing cosmological models with galaxy surveys and discuss
how combining spectroscopic and imaging data will be key to overcoming
these obstacles.