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Past Astro Seminars

Astrophysics seminar: "TBA"

Fiona McCarthy (Cambridge and CCA)
- David Rittenhouse Laboratory, 4E19

Astrophysics seminar: The James Webb Space Telescope: A New Era for Space Exploration

Mike McElwain (NASA)
- David Rittenhouse Laboratory, 4E19

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is a large, infrared
space telescope designed to transform space science by observing targets
from within our own Solar System to the first light in the Universe (and…

Astrophysics Seminar: Near-field Cosmology with Stellar Streams

Nora Shipp (Carnegie Mellon)
- David Rittenhouse Labs, 4E19

Stellar streams, the tidal remnants of globular clusters and dwarf galaxies orbiting throughout the Milky Way’s halo, are some of the most powerful tools in the study of near-field cosmology. In particular, they are…

Astrophysics Seminar: High-resolution images of light dark matter — First results of the DAMIC-M experiment

Radomir Smida (University of Chicago)
- David Rittenhouse Laboratory, 4E19

The DAMIC-M experiment will exploit the sub-electron resolution capabilities of skipper charge-coupled devices (CCDs) to search for light dark matter particles in a broad range of masses from 1 eV to 10 GeV. A…

Astrophysics Seminar: SPHEREx: An all-sky near-infrared spectral survey

Howard Hui (Caltech)
- David Rittenhouse Laboratory, Center for Particle Cosmology Lounge

SPHEREx, an upcoming NASA medium-class Explorer Mission, will perform the first all-sky near infrared spectral survey. With a targeted launch date in early 2025, SPHEREx will map the entire sky at 6.2 arcsec from 0.…