Paul Heiney

Paul Heiney



Research Areas: Condensed Matter

(215) 898-7918

DRL 2N24

  • 2021-present: Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of Pennsylvania
  • 2004-2009: Academic Director, Benjamin Franklin Scholars Program
  • 1993-2021: Professor of Physics, University of Pennsylvania
  • 1993-1998: Associate Chair for Undergraduate Affairs, Physics Department, University of Pennsylvania
  • May 1991: Professeur Invite, Universite de Paris-Sud, Orsay, France
  • 1987-1993: Associate Professor of Physics, University of Pennsylvania
  • 1982-1987: Assistant Professor of Physics, University of Pennsylvania
  • 1977-1982: Research Assistant, Massachusetts Institute of Technology



Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1982)
B.A., University of California at Santa Barbara (1977)

Research Interests

I have used X-ray diffraction and related tools to study properties of materials with unusual structural order, including fullerenes, liquid crystals, polymers, monolayer films, quasicrystals, columnar and cubic self-assembled dendrimers, and other partially or non-conventionally ordered materials.  X-ray scattering studies were performed using both in-house facilities and the synchrotron facilities at Brookhaven National Laboratory and the Argonne Advanced Photon Source.  I continue to supervise and train users for the Dual Source and Environmental X-ray Scattering Facility (link ) in the LRSM.

Selected Publications
  • Molecular Disorder in Columnar-Phase Discotic Liquid-Crystal Strands," E. Fontes, P. A. Heiney, M. Ohba, J. N. Haseltine, and A. B. Smith, III, Phys. Rev. A37, 1329-1334 (1988).
  • "Orientational Ordering Transition in Solid C60," P. A. Heiney, J. E. Fischer, A. R. McGhie, W. J. Romanow, A. M. Denenstein, J. P. McCauley Jr., A. B. Smith III, and D. E. Cox, Phys. Rev. Lett. 66, 2911-2914 (1991).
  • "Structure of Langmuir-Blodgett Films of Disk-Shaped Molecules Determined by Atomic Force Microscopy," J. Y. Josefowicz, N. C. Maliszewskyj, S. H. J. Idziak, P. A. Heiney, J. P. McCauley, Jr., and A. B. Smith, III, Science 260, 323-326 (1993).
  • "Diffuse X-ray Scattering from Freely Suspended Strands of a Discotic Liquid Crystal," P. Davidson, M. Clerc, S. S. Ghosh, N. C. Maliszewskyj, P. A. Heiney, J. Hynes, Jr., and A. B. Smith, III, J. Phys. France II 5, 249-262 (1995).
  • "Thermal Melting in Langmuir Films of Discotic Liquid Crystalline Compounds," D. Gidalevitz, O. Y. Mindyuk, P. A. Heiney, B. O. Ocko, M. L. Kurnaz and D. K. Schwartz, Langmuir 14, 2910-2915 (1998).
  • "Liquid Crystals with Large Induced Tilt Angle and Small Layer Contraction," M. S. Spector, P. A. Heiney, J. Naciri, B. T Weslowski, D. B. Holt, and R. Shashidhar, Phys. Rev. E 61 1579-1584 (2000).
  • "Network Growth in the Flocculation of Concentrated Colloidal Silica Dispersions," P. A. Heiney, R. J. Butera, J. D. Londono, R. V. Davidson, and S. Mazur, J. Phys. Chem. B 104, 8807-8821 (2000).
  • “Structure and Physical Properties of Columnar Liquid Crystals,” P. A. Heiney, Handbook of Liquid Crystals, Volume 4: Smectic and Columnar Liquid Crystals, Eds. J. W. Goodby, P. J. Collings, T. Kato, C. Tschierske, H. F. Gleeson, and P. Raynes, Chapter 10, pp. 521-567, Wiley-VCH (2014). 
  • “Eye patches:  protein assembly of index-gradient squid lenses,” J. Cai, J. P. Townsend, T. C. Dodson, P. A. Heiney, A. M. Sweeney, Science 357, 564-569 (2017)


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