Shubh Agrawal

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Graduate Student

Graduate Student

John Templeton TEX Fellow Quad Fellow

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Research Areas: Observational Cosmology


Desk: 4N7; Lab: 1N12/14


Bachelor of Science, Physics (with Minors in Astronomy and Computer Science), California Institute of Technology, 2022

Research Interests

Scientific Ballooning, Weak Lensing, Line Intensity Mapping, Machine Learning 

Selected Publications

Shubh Agrawal, Jean-Baptiste Ruffio, Quinn M. Konopacky, Bruce Macintosh, Dimitri Mawet, Eric L. Nielsen, Kielan K. W. Hoch, et al; Detecting Exoplanets Closer to Stars with Moderate Spectral Resolution Integral-Field Spectroscopy. The Astronomical Journal 166, no. 1 (June 2023): 15.

Ruffio, Jean-Baptiste, et al. (including Shubh Agrawal); Detecting Exomoons from Radial Velocity Measurements of Self-Luminous Planets: Application to Observations of HR 7672 B and Future Prospects. The Astronomical Journal 165, no. 3 (February 2023): 113.

Shubh AgrawalDirect Imaging of Exoplanets Closer to Stars. Senior thesis (Major), California Institute of Technology. doi:10.7907/17sv-vf40 (2022).

Shubh Agrawal, Bryan Steinbach, James J. Bock, Clifford Frez, Lorenzo Minutolo, Hien Nguyen, Roger O’Brient, Anthony Turner, and Albert Wandui; Strong negative electrothermal feedback in thermal kinetic inductance detectors. Journal of Applied Physics 130, 124503 (2021).