Shubh Agrawal

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Graduate Student

Graduate Student

John Templeton TEX Fellow Quad Fellow

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Research Areas: Observational Cosmology


Desk: 4N7; Lab: 1N12/14


Bachelor of Science, Physics (with Minors in Astronomy and Computer Science), California Institute of Technology, 2022

Research Interests

Scientific Ballooning, Weak Lensing, Line Intensity Mapping, Machine Learning 

Courses Taught

Penn: ASTR 1250 (Astronomical Techniques); Caltech: Physics 2, 3, 6, 7 and CS 1.

Also: CodeAstroIntro2AstroFAST

Selected Publications

Shubh Agrawal, Jean-Baptiste Ruffio, Quinn M. Konopacky, Bruce Macintosh, Dimitri Mawet, Eric L. Nielsen, Kielan K. W. Hoch, et al; Detecting Exoplanets Closer to Stars with Moderate Spectral Resolution Integral-Field Spectroscopy. The Astronomical Journal 166, no. 1 (June 2023): 15.

Ruffio, Jean-Baptiste, et al. (including Shubh Agrawal); Detecting Exomoons from Radial Velocity Measurements of Self-Luminous Planets: Application to Observations of HR 7672 B and Future Prospects. The Astronomical Journal 165, no. 3 (February 2023): 113.

Shubh AgrawalDirect Imaging of Exoplanets Closer to Stars. Senior thesis (Major), California Institute of Technology. doi:10.7907/17sv-vf40 (2022).

Shubh Agrawal, Bryan Steinbach, James J. Bock, Clifford Frez, Lorenzo Minutolo, Hien Nguyen, Roger O’Brient, Anthony Turner, and Albert Wandui; Strong negative electrothermal feedback in thermal kinetic inductance detectors. Journal of Applied Physics 130, 124503 (2021).


Visiting Scholar (DCC), University of Arizona

Collaborations: Terahertz Intensity Mapper (TIM); Dark Energy Survey (DES); Keck Planet Imager and Characterizer (KPIC)