Sherman Frankel (Deceased)

Sherman Frankel

Professor of Physics Emeritus


  • Prof. Emeritus
  • Staff Member, M.I.T. Radiation Laboratory (1943-6)
  • Associate Editor, Review of Scientific Instruments, 1950s
  • Faculty, University of Pennsylvania (1950-)
  • John Simon Guggenheim Fellow, 1956, 1978
  • Guest Scientist: Niels Bohr Inst (1957)
  • CERN (1975); CEN de Saclay (1979)
  • Guest Fellow, Stanford C.I.S.A.C. (1987)
  • Brookings Institute (1987)
  • Senior Fellow, MIT Security Studies Program (1998-)
  • Visiting Prof., Department of Bioengineering, University of California, Berkeley 2002-
  • Guest Physicist, Lawrence Radiation lab., Berkeley CA 2002- 



Ph.D., University of Illinois (1949)
B.A. Brooklyn College (1943) 

Research Interests

Elementary Particle Physics, Physics and Public Policy


My recent work dealt with color transparency and nuclear transparency in nuclei and searches for the quark-gluon plasma. My present physics deals with problems relating to magnetic monopoles and their connection with astrophysics and particle physics experiments. I continue to work on "Physics and Public Policy", publishing articles on missile defense and new smart decoys. I now use my physics training to study the efficacy and safety of new medical drugs and procedures and have an fMRI-cognitive test research program relating to distinguishing between aging and dementia, as well as a Penn collaboration, placing cognitive tests on the web.


Selected Publications


Selected Physics Publications:

  • "J/Psi Suppression and the Quark-Gluon Plasma" Phys. Lett. B 441 (1998)
  • "Atomic Number Dependence of High Q2 Interactions in Nuclei"
  • "Scalar and Pseudoscalar Charges" Am. J. Phys. Vol.44, No.7, July 1976

Selected Public Policy Publications:

  • "Countermeasures and Theater Missile Defense", Surface Warfare, US Navy, 21 4 38-40 (1996)
  • "Measures of Proscar, Hytrin and Cardura Side-Effects" Neurology and Urodynamics 16:63-66 (1997)
  • "Screening for Prostate Cancer", Scientific American (Jan. 1997)
  • "Prostate Size Dependence of Proscar Efficacy", Urology (October, 1998)
  • "Study of FDA Files on Propecia", Archives of Dermatology Vol. 135 (1999)